FILA’s fantastic four!

Hocus-pocus? No, the ideal formula for cleaning your surfaces and floors is not magic but a sequence of easy steps to take.

Step 1. Respect your pH!

Choosing a suitable detergent is no easy task.
We at FILA know that well begun is half done! That’s why we recommend analysing three essential elements first: dirt, material and detergent. Is dirt organic (coffee, oil, grease stains) or inorganic (rust, limestone)? As for our body, even surfaces must be cleaned with detergents having a correct pH. It’s believed that only acid pH can damage materials. The truth is that even alkaline products can be highly corrosive!
That’s why combining these three elements is so important to find the perfect recipe. And don’t forget to read the leaflet first!


Step 2: Cooked to perfection?

We at FILA like good food, but in this case, we refer to the washing water temperature. This aspect can affect the effectiveness of the cleaning, as it happens when we do our laundry. Chemicals react differently depending on the temperature. We at FILA recommend using hot water for cleaning floors and surfaces. The higher the water temperature, the more dirt can be dissolved!


Step 3: Time is gold

We all know that great things take time! The detergent’s action time is one of the most neglected stages of cleaning, even if it’s essential to obtain excellent results. Every detergent has different action times, so don’t rush it! Using the detergent before it can be effective (generally, it takes 10 to 15 minutes) can jeopardise the desired result. Be patient and wait to obtain the best results with minimum effort!


Step 4: Power without control is nothing

This is the last step. Don’t give up now. You’re about to win your battle against dirt! First, you needed patience. Now it’s time to get tough and use elbow grease! Pay attention to the tools you use. Did you know that one of the most common mistakes is to use the same water for cleaning the entire house? After 5-10 square metres, the washing water is too dirty to be effective. If you don’t change it, you’ll end up spreading the dirt all over the surfaces.

Ask our experts if you have doubts or what to learn more about FILA products. Our team is always happy to give you tips to obtain the cleanest surfaces possible!


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