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Coverage calculations made easy with free Fila app

Want to work out how much Fila product you need – for a job or for a customer?  Fila’s new free app has a measuring device that quickly calculates the exact amount of solution needed for each treatment stage.

To access the handy tool, download it from the App Store or Google play (see the link here).

Once it’s downloaded, click on the blue Product Calculator.  Now, just click on:

  • The product you’re using
  • The material you’re treating
  • The treatment stage
  • And, enter the size of the area in square metres.

The app will then calculate the exact amount of product needed to treat the area with a single coat.


The Fila app also has sections that identify which treatment you need for different natural materials/treatment stages; it includes a troubleshooting area, and it lists Fila products and nearest stockists.

For more advice, just contact our UK Help Line on tel. 01584 877286 or visit

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