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How to look after a marble worktop

Marble is a fabulous material for a kitchen worktop and the preferred choice for many bakers!  It creates a stunning, smooth surface, that’s ideal for rolling out pastry and dough, and it provides good resistance to heat too.


Because the surface is more porous than granite, a little extra care is needed.  A good quality sealant – like FILAMP90 ECO PLUS – will protect your worktop from stainsAbrasive cleaners should be avoided, as they can dull and damage the surface.

Fila recommends regular maintenance with dual action FILAREFRESH – which cleans and protects.  It’s designed for stone, ceramic and marble worktops and it’s really easy to use:

  • Spray FILAREFRESH onto the surface.
  • Wipe with a soft, dry cloth, working in the spray until the surface is dry.
  • No need to rinse!

FILAREFRESH is part of Fila Green Line; it’s water-based and is certified as safe to use for food prep areas.  And, as well as cleaning your worktop and reinforcing your stain protection, it has a lovely fresh citrus fragrance too!

Top tip: Try FILAREFRESH on your bathroom surfaces, for great results!

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