Outdoor Surfaces At Risk From The Elements? Here’s How To Protect Them

Outdoor paving and terraces are constantly exposed to the elements and wear due to traffic. If not protected, the surface may stain, become slippery and slick. If you want to restore and preserve the beauty of your outdoor paving, turn to FILA products!


  • HYDROREP is a water-repellent protector for outdoor paving in untreated stone and concrete. It protects from water, humidity and the elements. It waterproofs the surface without forming any film, allowing the material to breathe, and does not yellow over time. The product is ready to use and should be applied with a large flat paintbrush.
  • FILAFOB is a stain protector for paving in terracotta, quarry tiles, marble, stone, granite, agglomerates and concrete. For outdoor paving it must be used 24 hours after application of HYDROREP. It should be applied evenly with a large flat paintbrush.
  • FILAWET protects stone and untreated agglomerates from stains, giving the surface a pleasing wet look.  It does not yellow in any conditions and does not flake. We recommend application of two coats of product, waiting 24 hours between the first and second. Particularly absorbent material may require a third coat to achieve the wet look desired.



Before applying the protector, remember to thoroughly clean the paving with FILAPS87, the ideal degreasing detergent for outdoor surfaces. You can use it on terracotta, quarry tiles, porcelain tiles, unpolished stones and agglomerates, concrete and ceramic tiles. Dilute (1:10-1:20) in water and apply to the surface. Leave for 4-5 minutes, then rub with a single-brush machine or flat brush. Rinse thoroughly with water.
For more intensive cleaning you can also use it diluted 1:5.


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4 Replies to “Outdoor Surfaces At Risk From The Elements? Here’s How To Protect Them”

  1. Hi, we bought a villa and now live in Spain. Surrounding the villa is a patio dining area of teeracotta/quarry tiles with a slight glaze. We have deep cleaned and treated the flooring twice now of 3 coats of a normal household cleaner/protector, but after each rainfall it turns milky white and flakes off. Will your treatments prevent this and can I purchase in Spain.

    1. Hi Martin, our technical support has contacted you via email to help you find the best treatment.
      Kind Regards

  2. Hi. I have Coral stone pavers in my saltwater pool area in the carribeann( Lots of sun half of the year and lots of rain the other half). I was thinking to use hydro rep and then Fila Fob for protection.

    1. Is one aplication of Hydrorep and one application of fila fob enough?

    2. Can I apply Fila Fob several days after hydro rep application or need to be after 24 hours?

    3. How soon I can wet the area after hydrorep or fila Fob application?

    4.How often(years) should I repeat the process?

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