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How to protect terracotta from stains with FILAW68

Terracotta tiles bring a warm, rustic vibe to the home and, after a while in the wings, they’re back on-trend again!
They can be laid indoors and outdoor but, because they’re really absorbent, you’ll need to seal them.

To seal and protect terracotta, we recommend FILAW68. It’s water-based, so it’s really safe to use and it doesn’t matter if the surface is slightly damp when you apply it.


How to protect indoor flooring in terracotta

  • Apply two coats, one after the other, of FILAW68 – to a thoroughly cleaned floor – with a paintbrush or fleece mop.
  • If you want to give a dirt repellent protection too, after the first coat of FILAW68, wait 4 hours and then apply two coat of Fila liquid wax (which comes in matt, satin or polish-effect).


How to protect outdoor paving in terracotta

  • thoroughly wash the whole surface with FILAPS87 degreasing detergent.
  • When perfectly dry, apply two coats, one after the other, of FILAW68 with a paintbrush or fleece applicator pad, working well into the grouting.
  • After just 4 hours the surface is ready for use!

Pavimento in Cotto

How to maintain terracotta floors

Once laid, a pH-neutral cleaning product should always be used to maintain terracotta; FILACLEANER is ideal.  This will lengthen the life of the impregnator and finish, and will ensure that the surface remains protected, in terms of practicality, longevity and aesthetics.
The Expert Advice: Always avoid normal household cleaners as they will break-down the surface protection provided, cause surface staining and can, potentially, damage the finish of the tile.


If you need more advice, just contact our UK Help Line on tel. tel. 01584 877286 or visit

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