Restoring stain protection on a quartz-resin kitchen worktop


Quartz-resin is a popular choice for kitchen and bathroom surfaces.  These water and stain-proof ‘agglomerates’ offer good resistance to scratches and also stand up to aggressive acids, like lemon, wine, Coca-Cola and limescale removers, which could potentially damage other materials. They’re also really easy to keep clean and polished finishes, in particular, don’t harbour dirt.   These combined qualities often make quartz-resin a preferred choice to marble and natural stone, which is more delicate and sensitive to stains and acid erosion.

Quartz-resin and marble-resin has no surface absorbency, so doesn’t necessarily need any stain protection.  But, in some situations, it may be beneficial to improve the material’s stain-resistance performance.
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If you notice that the surface is becoming harder to clean, or that stains are proving more difficult to remove, it’s well worth restoring the material’s natural stain protection.  We recommend FILAMP90 stain protector or FILAMP90 ECO PLUS, the solvent-free version of the product.  Both treatments provide protection without altering appearance and are tested as “suitable for contact with foodstuffs”.


If, on the other hand, you’re looking to enhance the colour of the surface, you can opt for FILASTONE PLUS: a colour-enhancing stain protector that revives the material’s natural colour. FILASTONE PLUS is also suitable for contact with foodstuffs.


Application instructions are included on the products’ labels and should be carefully followed.




Once protection has been restored, we recommend FILAREFRESH for everyday maintenance; a dual-action spray detergent that cleans and renews, for long-lasting stain protection.




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2 Replies to “Restoring stain protection on a quartz-resin kitchen worktop”

  1. we have recently goten a new kithen with one of the work surface being quartz-resin, & it started piking up permanent stains from day one, you say this shouldnt happen? but it is help, did we get swingled.

    1. we would like to suggest you to use for an ordinary maintenance: our FILACLEANER, our concentrated natural detergent, diluited 1:200 (no need to rinse) or our FILABRIO, our multi-purpose spray detergent.
      In case you would like to protect the surface we could suggest to use our FILAMP90 ECO PLUS, a stain-proofing protector.
      We remain at your disposal for any further info you may need.
      Kind Regards,

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