The paving of a private home in Seville restored to its original splendour thanks to Fila

The floor cleaning and treatment company Tratados, specialising in application of FILA products, carried out important restoration work on the outdoor quarry tiles of a private home in the province of Seville.

Exterior vivienda Tomares (Sevilla)

Only a few years after it had been laid, the paving was stained with encrusted and organic dirt, such as accumulated grease, residues of previous wax-based treatments and limescale.

To remove organic surface dirt, it was thoroughly washed with FILAPS87 wax removing degreasing detergent. After which, to also eliminate the laying and grouting residues still on the material, it was washed with DETERDEK acid descaling detergent.

Once the paving was perfectly clean and dry, the treatment specialists gave it a stain proof treatment with FILAW68 eco-friendly stain protector, which stops stains from penetrating the material and therefore makes ordinary maintenance easier.

FILAW68 creates no surface film, does not alter the original colour of the material and lets the surface breathe. FILAW68, which belongs to the Fila GreenLine of products with low environmental impact, is classified as a product with very low VOC emissions, has obtained GEV– EMICODE® certification with the EC1Plus marking and it helps towards achieving LEED® credits for green buildings.

FILACLEANER concentrated neutral detergent was recommended for ordinary maintenance of the paving. This product guarantees excellent, long-lasting results.

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