Washing the floor with hydrochloric acid: Health risks and hazards

Damaged Metal into Hydrochloric Acid

Muriatic or hydrochloric acid is often used for cleaning floors after laying to remove traces of concrete and grouting.

 It should however always be avoided as it is highly corrosive: with hydrochloric acid, in fact, you risk not only ruining the surface, but also permanently corroding any parts in metal (especially aluminium or brass).

Hydrochloric acid is a naturally highly volatile substance and the fumes it releases during application spread into the air, not only damaging the surface being cleaned but any parts in metal in the surrounding area, such as inserts, extractor hoods, etc.

For washing floors after laying, it is better to use an innovative acid like DETERDEK PRO, which does not harm the surface and parts in metal and is also safe for the user and the environment because it does not develop harmful fumes.

See for yourself: the photo on the left shows a metal profile put into a solution of water and hydrochloric acid. As you can see, the surface is damaged and no longer shiny. Whereas, in the photo on the right, the metal profile put into a solution of water and DETERDEK PRO has remained unchanged.

metallo-rovinato-acido-muriatico       metallo-pulito-deterdek

Hydrochloric acid is also highly irritating to the respiratory tract and accidental contact may cause severe skin burns. If mixed with other substances, it may even react and produce extremely toxic fumes. The most frequent example is chloride poisoning caused by the mixing of hydrochloric acid with bleach.

This is why it is better to avoid the use of hydrochloric acid. For washing after laying and to eliminate more stubborn encrusted dirt use a safe, effective product like DETERDEK PRO!

Remember: DETERDEK PRO is a dual-purpose modern acid: it effectively removes residues of both concrete grouting and grouting with additives



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