How to Clean a Floor without Ruining Metal Profiles

More and more often homes have floors that include metal profiles. These serve to protect the corners of tiles and are also used where one type of flooring joins another.

After your floor has been laid, it is a good idea to take great care when cleaning its surface to avoid ruining the floor itself and any profiles. It is important to find the right product for washing after laying, based on the floor and profile material.

Materials for floor profiles can be divided into five big families: steel, brass, aluminium, PVC and expanded PVC, but over recent years, the trend has been for designers to use profiles in metals such as steel and aluminium.


Cleaning a porcelain tile floor with aluminium and steel profiles


For washing after laying of a porcelain tile floor with aluminium or steel profiles you can use  DETERDEK acid descaling detergent, diluting 1 litre of product in 5 litres of water.

Unlike other descalers on the market, DETERDEK is a buffered acid that does not alter the appearance or colour materials, respecting grouting and profiles in aluminium and steel. DETERDEK is also effective at removing residues of grouting with additives.

Before using the product it is however a good idea to carry out a spot test to check the material’s resistance to the product.

For the parts in aluminium, use the product as per the instructions on the label, rubbing the surface with a soft sponge.

Whereas, for everyday cleaning of porcelain tile floors with metal profiles, you can use FILACLEANER concentrated neutral detergent, which gently cleans all kinds of floors and wall coverings.


Cleaning a floor in marble or natural stone with steel or aluminium profiles

pulizia-Profili-in-AlluminioMarble and several other kinds of natural stone are acid sensitive, making it necessary to use a neutral product that does not ruin their finish.

For washing after laying of marble and natural stone with a shiny finish that are not acid-resistant, use FILACLEANER, the concentrated neutral detergent ideal for delicate surfaces. FILACLEANER gives extremely good results without harming the finish of the material or profiles. It is also ideal in the case of brass, PVC and expanded PVC profiles.

For cleaning on site completion with FILACLEANER, dilute 1 part of product in 30 parts of water and follow the instructions on the label.
While for everyday cleaning, you can use FILACLEANER diluted 1:200 with no need to rinse.


Cleaning parquet or wooden floors with steel or aluminium profiles

Again in this case, the product to use is FILACLEANER concentrated neutral detergent. FILACLEANER is in fact ideal for cleaning any kind of wooden floor: varnished, oiled or waxed.

Whereas for cleaning small surfaces in wood, you can use FILA PARQUET NET, the spray detergent that safely cleans any kind of wood or profile (aluminium, steel, brass, PVC or expanded PVC).


Warning: the hazards of muriatic or hydrochloric acid

Muriatic or hydrochloric acid is often used for cleaning floors after laying to remove traces of concrete and grouting.

It should however always be avoided as it is highly corrosive: with hydrochloric acid, in fact, you risk not only ruining the surface, but also permanently corroding any parts in metal (especially aluminium or brass profiles).

Read here why it is better to use DETERDEK instead of muriatic acid



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