How to Clean and Care for Tumbled Marble Tile

Tumbled marble has a really distinct look – a sophisticated feel without the sharp edges – but it does need to be treated with care.


Step 1 – Sealing Tumbled Marble

Tumbled marble should be sealed after installation with a sealer formulated specifically for stone to maximize protection against dirt, dust and debris becoming trapped in the pits.

There are two types of sealers for tumbled marble: penetrating sealer, which will not alter the color like FILAFOB or FILAMP90 ECO PLUS, and color-enhancing sealer like FILASTONE PLUS or FILAPT10, which will deepen the color of the tile. Testing a sample tile before applying the sealer to the entire tiled surface is recommended.

Applying the sealer is easy; brush, roll or wipe it on the entire surface following the instructions on the product label.


Step 2 – Cleaning Tumbled Marble

Marble is porous and it’s alkaline-based, so it’s sensitive to acid. Steer clear of acid-based cleaners, like lemon and vinegar, or anything that contains alcohol, as it will break down the surface. Instead, use a gentle non-abrasive pH-neutral cleaner.

For best results, we recommend FILACLEANER.

1. Just dilute – 1:200 – using clean, luke warm water. Mop the surface and leave to dry; no rinsing’s required!

2. For very dirty floors, increase the dilution to 1:30 to 1:50. Wipe the floor after the initial mop to remove any residue and then rinse with clean water.

To help make maintenance easier – and to protect the surface – consider a finishing treatment, like FILACLASSIC liquid wax. You just apply it with a damp cloth, leave it to dry for 30 minutes and then polish the surface.

Tips and Warnings:

Although vinegar has been recommended as an effective cleaner against stains, never use it on marble or on natural stone since its acidic qualities will damage the stone.

If you need more advice, just contact our UK Help Line on tel. tel. 01584 877286 or visit


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13 Replies to “How to Clean and Care for Tumbled Marble Tile”

  1. This is an amazing post and i have been looking for such an information for quite some time. Thank you for writing this as this would help me in solving my questions. I am so excited to hear your suggestions and also the follow up replies.
    Ceramic & Marble floors

  2. Thank you for this informative blog. I have painted concrete floor that’s made to look like stone. It gets horrible staining, water stains perhaps? I have tried various mops and cleaners, but nothing helps. Any ideas? Thanks.
    Ceramic & Marble floors

    1. Dear Emily,
      Taking into consideration that the concrete floor is acid-sensitive, we can suggest you to use to use FILACLEANER, a concentrated neutral detergent, against water stains.

      In order to protect the floor from staining we think the use of a water-based wax as sacrificial film in order to better the stain-resistance. We could suggest FILAMATT, a natural-effect protective wax, or FILALONGLIFE, a glossy protective wax.

      For an ordinary maintenance you can use FILACLEANER, diluited 1:200 (25 ml in 5 litres of water) it does not require rinsing.
      In order to find the nearest retailer click on
      We remain at your disposal for any further information you may need.
      Best Regards,

  3. My plumber advised to put baking soda in drain and rinse it down with 1/2 gallon of white vinegar on the tumbled marble floor of our large shower. I am afraid it etched it as it looks whiteish. Are there any remedies or do we need a professional?

    1. Dear Nancy,
      The use of vinegar has attacked its marble opacizzing it. As a shower interior, “DIY” restoration can be particularly difficult. Our advice is to require of a professional who can intervene also mechanically.

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