5 Bathroom Tile Trends You’ll Never Tire of Plus Care and Maintenance Tips

When it comes to bathroom design, it’s essential the style of your tiles is one that you very much love. After all, they’re not something you’d frequently look to replace, so they’ve got to be right, easy to maintain and very durable too. With so much variety out there, it can be daunting; bathroom tiles are available in all kinds of materials. The trick is to opt for a long-lasting style that only gets better with age; read on for five timeless tile trends plus care and maintenance tips.

1. Natural stone and specialist tiles

Natural stone bathroom tiles make an excellent choice if you’re looking for a luxury finish that lasts. Marble, in particular, has an inherent natural beauty with its fresh, bright tones, and it will easily elevate a space. On the other hand, specialist tiles like terrazzo are equally nice, a material made from a blend of recycled stone and set into pigmented cement. Whether this decorative speckled design is for you or you sway more towards marble, both will result in a bathroom that is undeniably lovely.

Top tile tip: a green protector will facilitate cleaning and prevent stains

Although terrazzo and marble make a beautiful choice, their delicate surface is porous and requires regular sealing. Thankfully, our green protector, MP90 ECO XTREME, will limit the absorption of stains while SANIFAST will gently disinfect the surface.

2. Glass mosaic bathroom tiles

First laid by the Ancient Greeks, mosaic tiles are still widely used today. They can also be made from any material, including stone and ceramic, but we think glass, in particular, creates a very elegant look. Not only can glass mosaic tiles reflect the light, but they can also make a bathroom feel much bigger than it is. If you play about with colours and patterns, you’ll create a unique feature and a bathroom you will be proud to show off.

Top tile tip: glass mosaic is no problem with NODROPS

When it comes to glass tiles, FILA’s NODROPS will keep nasty limescale at bay. This product is also easy to use and ideal for showers; simply spray, wipe and leave to dry.

3. Concrete-effect porcelain tiles

A style usually reserved for spaces like open-plan kitchens, concrete-effect tiles can look equally great in bathrooms too. Offering an industrious ‘worn look’, they create a head-turning effect, especially when used for both the floors and walls. Concrete-effect tiles are generally made from porcelain tiles and emulate the real deal in a variety of textures, colours and finishes. With many tile brands offering a selection of cool grey shades and even warm coppers, you’ll easily nail a lasting, minimalist look.

Top tile tip: PS87 PRO will work wonders for a deeper clean

Concrete-effect porcelain tiles look aesthetically great, but an excellent cleaning regime will keep them looking this way. For this tile trend, we suggest PS87 PRO for much deeper cleans, and our pH-neutral cleaner, CLEANER PRO for ordinary maintenance.

4. Encaustic-effect porcelain tiles

Patterned bathroom tiles are always going to impress and is the reason why they have been around forever. Not only are they perfect for floors, but you can also use them on walls to create a look that is both funky and fresh. While authentic encaustic tiles are suitable for bathrooms, they can slightly fade, especially darker colours and patterns due to the natural pigments used. If you’re obsessed with the look, try encaustic-effect porcelain tiles which are available in a spectrum of patterns and shades.

Top tile tip: Use a grout protector for your patterned tile joints

Just like concrete-effect porcelain tiles, patterned versions will also benefit from a pH-neutral cleaner like CLEANER PRO. Additionally, nothing ruins bright, patterned tiles like discoloured grout, but FILA’s grout protector FUGAPROOF will maintain your tile joints.

5. Crackle-glazed bathroom tiles

There’s just something about crackle-glazed tiles we cannot resist, and their naturally ‘crazed’ finish makes a beautiful touch. If you’re lucky enough to live in a period home, these tiles will suit your bathroom as they naturally look fabulous in more traditional properties. Original crackle-glazed tiles take a while to develop their unique patterns, but with modern versions, the process is sped up using a firing process. This results in tiles with perfectly imperfect cracks that pack a punch – perfect for timeless bathroom decor.

Top tile tip: use a green protector on crackle-glazed tiles

If these bathroom tiles are for you, we can’t stress enough just how important it is to regularly seal them. Our green protector, MP90 ECO XTREME, will create an impenetrable barrier and stop moisture, grout and dirt from causing issues down the line.

Cleaning and maintenance for the longevity of stylish bathroom tiles

When you forget short-lived fads that quickly outdate, you’ll find the best kind of tiles are the ones that go the distance! If you’d like to know more about any of the tile products we have mentioned in this post, please contact us for further assistance. Thank you for reading.

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