Spray Cleaners for Every Surface

Wanna skip the bucket this week? How about cleaning the house  with spray cleaners to make the whole process fast and easy? Surely there are circumstances in which using traditional cleaning methods is necessary and useful, but when you’re in a rush with limited time, a spray cleaner is just as effective and can save you lots of time without compromising results.

Spray cleaners: degreasing

spray cleaners for barbecues

Greasy surfaces are often found in the kitchen, especially around the stove, where oil splatters are common. If grease is not removed, it actually creates layers that are then more difficult to remove and need  more powerful heavy duty cleaners.

That’s why here at FILA, we recommend using a degreasing spray to remove oil during or right after cooking. KITCHENKARE Kitchen Stain Remover is not only for stoves and ovens, it’s also ideal for barbecues and grills, and even garage surfaces. Use it on porcelain and ceramic tile, plastic and metal.

Spray cleaners: hard water and limescale

spray cleaners for bathroom tile

When cleaning around the house, if we’re not talking grease, then it’s a safe bet we’re talking limescale and hard water stains. Many limescale removers use aggressive acids that remove the hard water, but also corrode metal trims and plastics.

FILA’s SHOWERCLEAN & SHINE Bathroom Soap Scum Remover  provides effective cleaning action while leaving steel and aluminum surfaces intact. It can also be used near and on acrylic tubs and on mirrors for worry-free cleaning. It’s safe on all bathroom surfaces in porcelain and ceramic tile, glass and stainless steel.

Tip: Use a squeegee to remove water droplets from bathrooms walls right after you finish showering to reduce limescale buildup in the bathroom.

Spray cleaners: tile grout

Grout cleaning is a subject we’ve touched on several times in this blog, so today I’ll give an overview. The important thing to remember when thinking about grout cleaning is that if you have dirty grout, aside from being unsightly,  you also have a nesting place for germs to grow and spread.

That’s why it’s a good idea to use our GROUTRENEW Grout Cleaner and Deep Stain Remover on a weekly basis in the bathroom, laundry room, kitchen and any place you have tile installed with cement grout. For everything you ever wanted to know about cleaning tile grout, read this post.

Spray cleaners: stone countertops

spray cleaners for stone countertops

So far in this article we’ve talked a lot about tile, but not so much about stone. These next two cleaners, which are pH neutral, are perfect for all delicate surfaces like stone countertops and floors.

Because stone is an absorbent material, it’s almost always sealed to protect it from water and stains. To maintain the sealer’s protection over time, it’s important to use a daily cleaner that is not only sensitive to the material, but also helps maintain the existing sealer protection, extending the sealing over time.

FILA’s REFRESH & RESEAL Neutral Cleaner and Resealer is especially formulated for removing superficial dirt and also refreshing the sealer. It’s indicated for small surfaces such as kitchen and bathroom countertops, stone tables, desks and even windowsills.

Spray cleaners: everyday, everywhere

neutral spray cleaners

Though we typically talk about stain removal, sometimes surfaces are not truly stained, they are just dirty on the surface. Wiping them with a neutral, multipurpose cleaner will do the trick without having to worry that it might ruin a delicate surface like stone.  FILA’s CLEANALL Neutral Everyday Cleaner is just what you need for every room of the house. You can even use it for spot cleaning floors! Its neutral formula is safe on tile, stone, wood, LVT and laminates. It’s your go-spray cleaner!

Now, time to spray clean!


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