Protecting and Caring for Natural Stone Surfaces

There are many excellent reasons for using natural stone as a surface covering in home walls, floors and countertops: it’s elegant, durable and eco-sustainable. Natural stone is also a coveted design element in modern architecture because it creates continuity between indoor and outdoor spaces, making it feel like your home literally extends into the natural environment.

Read the rest of the article to find out everything you need to know about protecting and caring for natural stone surfaces to keep them in top shape.

To keep natural stone surfaces pristine, sealing them is an essential part of the construction or renovation process.


Why seal natural stone?

Natural stone inherently contains small micropores that absorb oil and water. Over time, these crevices get filled with organic matter that stain the stone and  become a nesting ground for germs and bacteria. That’s why it’s critical to seal the stone in order to protect it from water and stains, and also make everyday maintenance easy!

If you’re actually living in a home during a renovation project, using a water.-based sealer is your best bet: Water-based sealers do not emit harmful fumes, have a faster curing time than solvent-based sealers and are perfect for spaces with limited ventilation. 

To find out more about the different types of water based sealers (natural look, matte enhanced look and glossy enhanced look) , read this blog post.

caring for natural stone countertops

FILA’s MP90 ECO PLUS High Performance Penetrating Sealer seals and protects all natural stone, polished porcelain, engineered quartz and grout against stains. The product is food safe, so it’s ideal for kitchen countertops. MP90 ECO PLUS sets up in just 4 hours.

Watch MP90 ECO PLUS in action:


Caring for natural stone: wall and floor maintenance

cleaning and caring for natural stone floors

Caring for natural stone walls and floors is simple…

and using concentrated cleaners is an excellent money-saving option – one small bottle goes a long way! Just make sure that the cleaner you choose is appropriate for the material installed in your home.


Always use a neutral cleaner for the daily maintenance of natural stone surfaces: They do not leave a residue and will not harm even the most delicate materials!

FILA’s STONECLEAN Natural Stone Neutral Cleaner is formulated for natural stone wall and floors coverings. Dilute it 1:200 (one capful per gallon of water) and wash the floor with a microfiber mop. With this dilution, STONECLEAN does not need rinsing, does not leave a residue and, if needed, can be used in the tank of a floor cleaning machine.

cleaning natural stone floors


STONECLEAN can also be used as a heavy duty cleaner to remove stubborn dirt and as cleaner to eliminate grout residue after installation. Just dilute it 1:30 (1/2 cup per gallon of water), scrub with the appropriate pad and rinse.

natural stone cleaning

Find out more about STONECLEAN!

Caring for natural stone: countertop maintenance

caring for natural stone countertops

Once those stone countertops are installed and sealed…

cleaning will be a daily task! Spray cleaners are perfect because they’re so easy to use.

FILA suggests keeping countertops in top shape with REFRESH & RESEAL Neutral Cleaner and Resealer! REFRESH & RESEAL renews the existing sealer protection while it cleans. Using it regularly will actually extend the surface’s protective sealing. Leave it under the sink – it’s your go-to cleaner for stone kitchen countertops, bathroom vanities, tables and windowsills: just spray and wipe!  And like all FILA cleaners, REFRESH & RESEAL is biodegradable!

Find out more about REFRESH & RESEAL!

protecting natural stone countertops

Now that you know how to care and protect natural stone surfaces, become a tile surface expert with this blog post. You’ll learn all the the products that tile pros can’t live without!


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3 Replies to “Protecting and Caring for Natural Stone Surfaces”

  1. I have a unglazed porcelain tiles in my bathroom, foyer and kitchen and dining room. I have purchased FILA Surface Care Solutions Wet Look Paver Sealer for Unpolished Natural Stone. My husband doesn’t want me to use it. He thinks that it will wear off and will only be trouble if it wears off and we will have to continually have to reapply. Will this happen often? I really want the wet look on my tiles and hope it will be a smoother surface to glide my dining room chairs over it. Please help on this information.

    1. Hi Norma, thanks for reaching out. FILA’s Wet Look Sealer is exclusively for natural stone; it is not formulated for porcelain tile. The unpolished finish of porcelain tile cannot be modified through the use of a sealer. However, if you notice that your tile has an uneven color, it may be necessary to clean it with DETERDEK, if the surface is new, or PS87 Heavy Duty Cleaner, if the surface has been used for a while. Deep cleaning the tile will make color more even and easier to clean. To maintain the original look of the tile, we recommend cleaning it weekly with CLEANALL Neutral All Surface Cleaner diluted 1:200 (one capful per gallon of water). I hope this helps! Please let me know if I can be of further assistance. Grace

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